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Background of Musical Activity in Buenos Aires


The Teatro Colón, in the City of Buenos Aires, is considered one of the best theaters in the world. Acknowledged for its acoustics and the artistic value of its construction, it turned 100 years in 2008.


The theater is now located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, among the streets Cerrito, Viamonte, Tucumán and Libertad. It was inaugurated on May 25th, 1908 with Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aida. This building replaces the former Teatro Colón, which was located in front of Plaza de Mayo, on the block where the Banco Nación (National Bank) building stands now. The old theater was there between 1857 and 1888.


The construction of the new building took around 20 years. Its cornerstone was placed on May 25th, 1890, intending to inaugurate the theater before October 12th, 1892, the date of the fourth centennial of the discovery of the Americas. The architect in charge of the initial project was Francesco Tamburini. After his death in 1891, the project was continued and modified by his partner Víctor Meano, the architect of the Argentinian Congress building. The construction continued until 1894, but it came to a halt due to financial problems. In 1904, Meano was murdered in his house and the government assigned the Belgian Jules Dormal to finish the construction. Dormal introduced some structural changes and stamped his French style on the decoration.


At the end of 1907, the first lease agreement of the Teatro Colón was signed, even though the works to conclude the building were behind the date set for the inauguration – May 25th, 1908. Finally, despite the fact that some parts (such as the Golden Room and the iron marquees on the streets Libertad and Cerrito) were not finished, the main hall of the Teatro Colón was inaugurated with the Great Italian Lyrical Company performing Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aida.


Building Dimensions, Characteristics, Expansions, and Improvements


The Teatro Colón's building has an eclectic style, typical of the beginning of the 20th century. It extends for 8,202 m2, 5,006 m of which correspond to the main building and 3,196 m to underground rooms beneath the narrow street Arturo Toscanini (right next to the theater, parallel to the street Viamonte). The total covered area of the initial building was 37,884 m2. The expansions carried out later, especially at the end of the 1960s (by the architect Mario Roberto Álvarez), added 12,000 m2, taking the total area of the Teatro Colón to 58,000 m2.


The main hall, in the shape of a horseshoe, fulfils the most severe standards of the Italian and French classic theater. It has box seats up to the third floor. The horseshoe has a minor diameter of 29.25 m, a major diameter of 32.65 m and a height of 28 m. It can hold up to 2,478 people sitting, but the shows can also be attended by 500 people standing. Its 318 m2 dome used to have paintings by Marcel Jambon, but they got damaged in the 1930s. the repainting of the dome was assigned to the Argentinian painter Raúl Soldi.


The stage has an inclination of 3 cm per meter, 35.25 m wide, 34.50 m deep and 48 m high. It includes a spinning disk with a diameter of 20.30 m which can be electrically activated to spin in any direction and change the scenes quickly. In 1988, the grid sector of the scenic machinery was improved, aiming to make the operation of the scenery easier and to speed up the scenery changes.


The orchestra pit can hold up to 120 musicians. It has been treated with a resonance chamber and special curves for the reflection of sound. These conditions, together with the architectural proportions of the hall and the quality of the materials used, give the Teatro Colón exceptional acoustics, globally acknowledged among the most perfect in the world.


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Guided Tours

Inside the Teatro Colón

The Teatro Colón hides a secret in every single corner of the impressive building. Taking a guided tour of the theater is a dazzling experience that will make you vibrate while getting to know a history of over a hundred years; a history that ennobles both the Argentine and the global culture.
The Teatro Colón’s sublime architecture stands out in every single detail, amazing and captivating its visitors with its flight of stairs, sculptures and stained-glass windows.
Visiting the Teatro Colón and feeling the magic of its mystical atmosphere in every step is an extraordinary experience that makes visitors feel privileged.
The theater’s marvels, beauty, and charm make this guided tour an ever-lasting memory.


Visit the Teatro Colón



Tucumán 1171 (Pasaje de Carruajes)


+5411 4378 7127
[email protected]


+5411 4378 7128
(reservations are not taken for Saturdays or Sundays).
[email protected]

Maximum group size 34 visitors.


[email protected]


Guided tours CLICK HERE


Monday to Sunday, including holidays.

(except for May 1st, December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st). 


From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Guided tours will be suspended between 10.00 AM and 1:30 PM whenever there are admission-free, 11.00 AM performances at the Teatro Colón.

If performances are scheduled for the afternoon (5.00 PM), the last guided tour will depart at 3.00 PM.


50 minutes.




Visiting the Teatro Colón and feeling its mystique and magic every step of the way, becomes an extraordinary experience. 

The tour lasts approximately 50 minutes, departing from Paseo de Carruajes (Tucumán 1171) every 15 minutes, and it can be taken in Spanish or in English. 




General Admission: $ 180.- 

Argentine Residents presenting DNI: $ 60.- (sixty Argentine Pesos)
Senior Residents:$ 30.- (thirty Argentine Pesos) (Monday)
Children under 7 Years Old: Free admission 
Local University Students (with student ID card): $ 30.- (thirty Argentine Pesos) (Monday)
Private School Groups: $ 30.- (thirty Argentine Pesos) per student (Subject to prior reservation)
Public School Groups: Free Admission. (Subject to prior reservation)
People with Disabilities + Companion (1): Free Admission.


Should any queries arise, please call 4378-7127/8 or email [email protected]






Está proibido durante a visita:
Atravessar as barreiras ou dispositivos de segurança destinados a impedir o passo do público ou proteger o patrimônio do Teatro Colón.


Tocar ou utilizar, sem justificativo algum, os dispositivos ou aparelhos de segurança e prevenção de incêndios do Teatro.


Realizar qualquer ação que impeça a adequada circulação das pessoas.


Fumar e/ou consumir alimentos ou bebidas durante o transcurso da visita (a exceção de garrafas de água pequenas) como também jogar lixo dentro do Teatro.


Realizar atos de comercio no interior do Teatro.


Descuidar e/ou abandonar objetos pessoais. O Teatro Colón não será responsável pela perda dos mesmos.


Deixar sozinhos as crianças.


Ingressar a visita em estado alcoólico ou baixo influencia de estupefacientes; ou que se considere sua conduta inapropriada ao juízo da segurança do Teatro. O pessoal do Teatro Colón se reserva o direito de admissão e permanência dos visitantes dentro do edifício.


Permanecer dentro do TC depois que seja indicado, por parte do pessoal das visitas guiadas, que devem abandonar o recinto.


Todos os visitantes devem seguir as instruções que confere ao pessoal de Visitas Guiadas.


Será permitido tirar fotografias somente nos espaços que o guia indique.


O acesso a determinadas áreas durante o recorrido poderá ser modificado em razão a eventos, funções, ensaios, reestruturações ou outras atividades próprias do Teatro Colón, sem que isso contenha devolução ou algum reembolso.


As entradas são válidas unicamente para o dia e horário indicados ao ser adquirido. As entradas vendidas antecipadamente Não podem ser devolvidas e/ou trocadas para outra data e horário exceto que a visita seja suspendida por causas imputáveis ao Teatro Colón.


Os grupos serão formados com um máximo de 34 pessoas.


No caso de grupos particulares, toda demora ou atraso ocasionado pelos passageiros implicará um menor tempo de permanência em alguns espaços.


Os menores de 14 anos deveram ingressar acompanhados de um adulto (como mínimo) que se responsabilize pela conduta do grupo.

Tour Policies

Tour Policies


It is forbidden to go through barriers or any other security device meant to prevent visitors from walking in or to protect the Teatro Colon's heritage.

Visitors cannot touch or use, unless specifically needed, security equipment or fire prevention devices in the building.

Visitors shall not perform any action that may block the way.

It is strictly prohibited to smoke, eat or drink during the visit (except for small bottles of water) and to throw garbage inside the building.

Visitors cannot engage in any kind of trading activity inside the building.

Visitors must not overlook or abandon personal belongings. The Teatro Colón will not hold responsibility for any missing item.

Children shall not be left alone.

Visitors will not be allowed to take the tour under the effects of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. The Teatro Colón reserves the right to deny admission or remove from the building visitors who conduct themselves inappropriately.

Visitors cannot stay inside the Teatro Colón once the staff has asked them to leave.

All visitors must follow the instructions given by the guided tours staff.

Pictures can be taken only where indicated by the guide.

Access to certain areas during the tour may be restricted due to events, shows, rehearsals, refurbishments or other activities taking place at the Teatro Colón, and this shall not entail any return or refund whatsoever.

Tickets are only valid for the date and time they were acquired. Tickets purchased in advance cannot be returned or exchanged unless the Teatro Colón can be held responsible for the cancellation of the tour.

Groups will not be larger than 34 people.

In the case of private groups, any delay caused by passengers will reduce their stay in some places.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by (at least) an adult that holds responsibility for their behavior.



Tucumán 1171, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Operating hours
Monday through Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Sundays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Telephone Sales

General Inquires
[email protected] • 4378 7109